Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Where has the summer gone? They lock it inside a closet at night in the health club where I work. I've grown flabby. I work at a gym. Inside. I've started having panic attacks. I'm not sure why.

There are millions of people in the word who have no idea you exist. They don't give a shit what color your hair is or if you have roots the size of texas. They don't care how pale you are or what sheets you have in your college dorm room. And they don't give a flying fuck what your mother thinks. The only reason any of these people might ever even have one iota of knowledge to your whereabouts is if you get off your ass and do something fantastic.

Stop worrying about money. Stop worrying about what car you drive or where your going to college. Stop thinking about the kids you might not have with the man you might not be with in 10 years. Stop panicking about wether you'll be able to find a job when you graduate. For all the Universe knows you could be a fire performer living on a small island off the coast of asia by then. You could die. You could not die. Living in "Suburban America" means you have a chance of getting cancer or an intestinal disease. It also means you don't. Who The Fuck Knows. We sure don't. And I'm pretty sure none of the fortune tellers at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo do either. Quit Worrying. Your grandmother says 10 Novenas every morning so you don't have to. Take that as a promise for health and sanity. But we can't promise too much else. Or that'd be cheating.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Right now. This second. In the middle of the night in a hotel in San Antonio, Texas, where you parents are snoring in the bed next to you.

You are made up of millions of particles and molecules. Matter. Magic Space Plasma. Just like everything else.

And just like everything else, you are breaking down second by second. Minute by minute your body loses a cell or sheds a layer. So make the most of it. If you wanna have pink hair, have pink hair. If you wanna drive a fucking hearse, drive a fucking hearse. Get tattooed. Get married. Move to Oslo. Become a lesbian. Start a business. Join a church. Have a baby. Colonize the moon with teacup schnauzer puppies. Just Fucking Do It.

Do Something Great.

Anything. Right Now.

Because today is the first day of the rest of your life. And who really cares what your mother's going to think? No One. Thats Who.

I am never going to reach a day sometime in 2022, sitting at the kitchen table, sipping my coffee, when I look up over my NY Times and think "Thats it! I've reached "The Rest Of My Life". Story over.

Not going to happen. Promise.

Because there will always be something more.

There will always be shoes to buy and bills to pay and art to create.

And no one really gives a fuck how much money you make or babies you have or republicans you voted for.

Because it doesn't matter in the long run.

So create something worth caring about.

Create something that will only happen once.

Preserve a second in history.

Make some people on the small coastal island of fire performers look up from their MacBooks and give a fuck.

If just for a second.

Because Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.

And Goddamnit. Its Awesome.


Lazy Pazy Yellow Daisy: Reconnecting With Old Friends

I'm the kind of person who wants to have a million things going at once, but is more content to watch someone else do it. This is tragic. But I'm doing a little better nowadays. One thing I let go of was this blog. Another was my crafting and sewing. But I've started posting again, and even signed up for an Etsy. All I'm waiting for is my camera to come on and I'll be up and selling. I got the best username : WunderHaus. I'm so excited I snagged that up. More to come on that.

Last night I wrote a To-Do list. It took up an entire notebook page, two columns. I should get on that soon.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about being lazy with friendships. I've moved around a lot. Switched schools, went to summer camps, did performances, and changed states, and I've met a lot of people. The problem is, I'm too lazy to keep in touch with them. Sometimes I worry that it may be a genetic hate for most company, but, honestly, at the time of meeting these new friends, I really enjoyed them. Maybe its a fear of rejection or commitment to a friendship. But mostly I'm just lazy.

I dream of being an "International Playgirl" to quote Gala Darling, but often I find myself not responding to emails, lacking visits, and all in all not knowing what to say to people who are not in my immediate life circle. That not to say that I'm anti-social, awkward, or lack a back stock of fun exciting stories. I just find it hard sometimes to keep up friendships long past.

However, as I approach my senior year of high school, I realize that its important to keep in touch with the people you actually like, because those numbers will shrink as we all part our separate ways. I think about going to college and losing touch with the people I've grown to love. The ones I hope I'll get off my ass and go visit in our uncertain future.

But in the midst of all the internal hub-bub there is a light. You see, recently a friend of mine from when I lived in Florida as a little girl (2nd and 3rd grade) got back in touch with me after two years of not hearing from each other. Little did he know, he became my saving grace from my little cave of a social circle. It was so amazing to find out that after all these years of not seeing each other, all the growing and changing, we can still have nice chats and relate to each other. It just goes to show that even thought I may not be buddy-buddy with a lot of people in my town, there are plenty of other people who I'd love to spend time with. Hey, in this day and age the world is small. In fact he may come visit me this summer. Its just a 12 hour drive. Not too bad, right?

So, Lovelies, I invite you to reconnect and reach across the globe. Lets open our eyes to the many people in this world. The vast number of people we can love and laugh with.

The world is much smaller than we think.

Words Of Exit: Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Someone please figure it out!


The New Romantics: An Essay

The New Romantics

“We are the New Romantics.
The Revolutionaries.
Dreamers and heroes.
Self obsessed and determined.”

What happened to the great philosophers? The Emersons and Thoreaus? Where have the dreamers and great thinkers gone? What earthly crevasse hides the lost idealists and imaginaries? What heavenly rapture swallowed up all the wisdom and knowledge of the Natural World? I say now is the time for The New Romantics! Now is the time for a great phoenix to rise up from the ashes of industry. I invite you to escape to the forest, be lost in the streams and valleys, climb the highest peaks and reach out to the unseen. Grace the fingertips of God and be kissed by Mother Nature’s whisper. Come with me now and we shall save our souls, for we are The New Romantics.

Though I would consider myself an Existentialist I find the Romantic philosophy of Transcendentalism delightfully appealing. Existentialism’s main focus is on the existence of “self”. This meaning that we create a “self” out of experience and the choices we make. I have found that the same holds true for the Transcendental. Through the writings of Emerson and Thoreau I have learned of a deep Transcendentalist need for self-reliance and individuality very near to that of Existentialism. Both groups also seem to be searching for deeper meaning in a world they feel very detached from, whether it is the harsh world of reason and fact faced by Romantics, or the absurd, random world of Existentialist both of which, at times, I can relate.

Existentially, I deny a preset destiny, or a sole creator. However, I find myself very drawn to the Romantic ideals of the soul in Nature. As a self proclaimed “Woman Of Science” the idea that we are all energy (soul), and can become one with the raw energy of nature (The Oversoul), appeals to me deeply. Whether this brings us closer to God or the true meaning of life, I do not know. I do know, however, that there is a place in my rational mind and Romantic soul for both philosophies. It is a peaceful place where the inner child plays by glassy streams and the wise old widow knits in the shade. It is a place where both rhyme and reason; both fact and fiction sprout fruits dripping with life. It is a place for The New Romantics, and I ask you to join me there.

Words Of Exit: Rear Admiral Timothy Saltwater, on deck.


Bring In The Truck

I'm finally done with school for the year, so now its time for a Blog Face Overhaul. That means a new face, as well as more posting and a less obnoxious posting style. Gone are the days of weird fonts and huge bold colored words. Its business time now. I'm also planning to have my Etsy shop match my blog. All part of cultivating my "Internet Business Identity". Check back for more word on the Etsy stuff.

Words Of Exit: "I'm not funny."


A Little Dose Of WonderGirl

I recently styled, make-upped, haired, and shot some senior photos for my friend Margo. I think they turned out really well.

All the photos were shot with a Nikon D-40 and edited on Photo Impression.
Make-up used was M.A.C. and Urban Decay
The locations were a parking tower and two abandoned warehouses.

These are the ones she printed, but I have a few of my personal favorites as well.


Dress: Self made
Necklace: A gift from Egypt
Boots: Penny Loves Kenny


Dress: Delia's
Hair clip: Self made
Necklace: Vintage
Cuff: World Market


If you like the hairclip I do cutsom orders for around $12 US plus shipping.



Dress: American Apparel





Words Of Exit: "Thats what they said about the Hindenburg..."


Oh Travesty!

So today at work, while lifeguarding, an hairy older man walked in with his little son. The man was wearing brown crocs and khaki cargo shorts that were shorter than any male should ever wear. He then removed then to reveal a lavender speedo. His son swam in the corner, alone...







Words of exit: "Casper, The Friendly Ghost! All the bitchez love me cuz I'm da Dopest Ghost In Town!" - Casper, from the movie "KIDS"


So Long and Good Night.

Man, I've been gone for a while.
But I'm here again.

In my absence I :
Danced in the Graveyard

Concocted a H-A-LL-O-W-E-E-N costume

[Anne, Me, Katarina]

Became a Woman Scorned

Had a surprise trip to New York for my 16th Birthday!

Where I saw a Banksy exhibit

Turned 16 while buying The Umbrella Academy and drinking Max Brenner's coffee in St.Marks

Was declared the "Best Dressed Person in New York" by some random guy on the street

And rang in the New Year outside Central Park

[Uncle Jacques, Me, Mom]

Acted ridiculous

Went to Universal Studios over Mardi Gras break and was a
TOTAL GangsterGee!

Shanked some fools

And Kept On Being Gangster!

So now that you're all caught up, next post will be
Kamikaze Girls


Words of exit: Think your thoughts.